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When you support Grove City College, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Cultivating Purposeful and Principled Leaders

At Grove City College, students are given one-of-a-kind experiences rooted in timeless values and dedicated to the character formation of every student. 

The impact of these opportunities extend beyond the student, too. After participating in a seminar, economics major Sebastian Anastasi ’23 now has the distinction of co-authoring a paper with his professor. Sebastian plans to become an economics professor and researcher so that he can engage future generations about the market economy and its importance in fostering peace, prosperity, and free enterprise in a good society. 

Watch this video to hear Sebastian’s enthusiasm for the importance of understanding economics, and how he hopes to impact society for the better. 

Helping Students to Find Their Calling

Grove City College is committed to helping students find their sense of purpose in the working world. In our Christ-centered learning environment, we give them the freedom and experiences to explore their God-given talents. One exciting opportunity is the Bee Project. Students have re-imagined an area of campus into a research garden and aviary. They are exploring the behavior, biology, and value to agriculture of bees with the ultimate goal of connecting veterinarians and beekeepers and serving the larger community as a whole.  

Watch this video to see how each student brings their unique talents and interests to this project. 

Fostering a Welcoming Campus Community

Your thoughtful support ensures that Grove City College’s buildings and community attract and retain students. Our campus offers a place where faith, freedom, and superior academics are integrated. This close-knit family environment is marked by fellowship, service, hospitality, and abiding respect for others as God’s image-bearers. The warm atmosphere of fellowship and friendship is palpable.

Hear chemistry major Renee Wright ’24 express her love for chemistry and why she’s grateful for the personal attention and unique environment of our campus.

Equipping Students to Pursue Their Unique Callings

Students like nursing major Rachel Lewis ’25, who plans to become a pediatric nurse. Hear Rachel share why she values her education at Grove City, including the Christian values that the college is built on, the rigorous nursing program and the community of professors and students she interacts with every day.

For her, what it all boils down to is that at Grove City College, “I’m not just another face in the crowd.”

Commitment to the Christian Faith

If you want to thrive in college, nothing compares to being part of a campus community grounded in shared Christian values and a common sense of purpose. We help students dig deep into Truth alongside peers and professors while experiencing the indescribable joy that springs from the integration of faith, learning, and living. In this video, Gianna D’Amato ’24 exemplifies this as she expresses her love for the curriculum, her professors, and her aspirations for the future. 

Listen as Gianna shares about how the experience at Grove City is giving her the academic, social, and spiritual foundation to join the teaching field with confidence.

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Zachary Goniea ’24

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