Giving Societies

The Ketler Society

Named in honor of Isaac Ketler and founded in 1998, Grove City College created the Ketler Society to honor and recognize those donors who exemplify a passionate commitment to a Christian liberal arts education free from federal funding. Donors who contribute at the following levels annually become members of the Ketler Society.

Giving amount: $1,000-2,499

Giving amount: $2,500-4999

Giving amount: $5,000-9,999

When you join the Ketler Society you become an active part of Grove City College’s pursuit of excellence by providing resources that create opportunity for students, faculty and programs.  As a Ketler Society member, you will enjoy:

  • Preferred parking and preferred seating on campus at select College events, including Homecoming
  • Exclusive College updates and insights with President Paul J. McNulty ’80 
  • Invitations to special donor recognition events, on campus and in your region
  • An exclusive 10% discount on all purchases (excluding textbooks) at the College bookstore, redeemable online or on campus

*Corporate matching gifts will apply toward Ketler Society membership when actual funds are received. Funds must be received in the same fiscal year as the originating gift to count toward membership.

The College thanks these generous supporters who have given $1,000 or more in the current fiscal year, many of whom have supported the College at this level for many years. 

Leader’s Club

The Leaders Club is Grove City College’s donor recognition and appreciation society for those who support the College at the Founder’s and 1876 giving circle levels, with gifts of $10,000 or more annually. Leaders Club members provide the financial strength that allows Grove City College to continue in its vision to be the best Christian liberal arts college in America.

Giving amount: $10,000-24,999

Giving amount: $25,000 and above

Grove City College is grateful to these generous alumni and friends who have supported the College with gifts totaling $10,000 or more in the the current fiscal year.

Faith & Freedom Society

Many individuals choose to show benevolence to the College through an estate or planned gift. We thank these alumni, parents, friends and employees who plan for their legacy to benefit Grove City College with membership into the Faith & Freedom Society. 

Grove City College is grateful to these generous alumni and friends who have remembered the College in their estate plans. Of the members of the Faith & Freedom Society, 61 requested to remain anonymous. 
Susan (Knappenberger ’73) Appleton
Denise (Grimm ’89) Arms
Marjorie (Hogue ’47) Armstrong
Stewart T. Axtell ’64
Dr. David S. Baglia
Louise (Slavcoff ’56) Baird
Robert W. Baird
Dr. Bonnie B. Barr ’59
Barbara (Tregembo ’61) Bauer
Donald W. Bauer ’60
Marilyn (Johnson ’60) Bauer
Ronald L. Bauer ’59
Howard C. Beard ’53
Dolly Bechtell
Dr. Homer F. Bechtell ’51
Kathleen R. Beels
Michael W. Beels ’81
Jeffrey A. Bees ’92
Michele (McGregor ’92) Bees
Barbara J. Belton ’68
Joetta (Bidzila ’63) Bernhard
John T. Birkett
Bette (Smith ’55) Blanchfield
Yvonne (Sacripant ’83) Bland
Shirley (Sprinkle ’55) Blood
Daniel R. Bowser Jr. ’62
Joyce E. Brandon
Ronald W. Brandon ’64
Robert L. Brimner ’55
Nancy B. Brown
Katherine K. Bulette
Warren C. Bulette
Diane (Recknagel ’76) Buttel – Merola
William B. Calder Jr. ’78
M. Allene Carr-Greer
David O. Cashdollar ’71
Kathleen (Pickens ’70) Cashdollar
Dianne (Franke ’54) Catlin
Dr. Erin L. Clancy ’93
Charlene (Marrale ’64) Cleveland
David B. Cleveland
William H. Coburn III ’72
Elizabeth (Younglove ’93) Conlon
Col. William L. Cope (Ret.) ’62
R. Scott Core
Shelly (Crevar ’85) Core
Mary M. Crego ’62
Alice (Ellenberger ’55) Critchlow
Madalene (Donati ’54) Crouthamel
Joan L. Davis
Robert F. Davis
Linda (Bott ’70) DeToro
Stephen M. Dewey ’78
Amy L. Dinning ’85
Janice (Beavon ’89) Dixon
John E. Dixon ’87
Dagny M. Dogger
John C. Dogger ’93
Holly S. Donaldson ’78
Dr. Jessie (Gregory ’62) Donnan
Dr. Donald A. Dukelow
Christine (Webster ’65) Dwyer
Jean (Vance ’66) Eckert
Bradley A. Eisenhart ’86
Michelle (Patterson ’87) Eisenhart
Dr. Cindy (Bowser ’80) Elmore
Dr. John H. Elmore
Herman J. Emanuele ’51
AnnaBelle (Yoder ’54) Emery
Ruth W. Fawley
Patricia (Connell ’75) Ferrey
Hollie (Shaull ’97) Fish
Marcus J. Fish ’97
JoAnne T. Flick
D. Chad Frick ’83
Jill (Sitterley ’84) Frick
Brian P. George ’90
Lisa (Fosbenner ’90) George
Andrew J. Gero
Susan (Hill ’72) Gero
Leslie (Nary ’69) Gesell
James R. Gilchrist Jr. ’60
Page W. Glasgow ’57
Brian T. Gongaware ’92
Joyce (Simmons ’93) Gongaware
Joanne (Sternberg ’48) Goodwin
James R. Goss
Dr. Lisa (Allenbaugh ’94) Goss
Joan Hagy Green ’52
Andrew C. Greer ’70
Jane (Gassman ’84) Gregg
Thomas W. Gregg ’80
Jonathan I. Griggs
Christine (Alba ’79) Guarnieri
Jane (Behman ’70) Hall
Judith (Young ’60) Hallman
Robert B. Hallman ’60
Carol (Moesta ’78) Hamilton
Dr. Dennis D. Hamilton ’75
Elizabeth S. Hammerlee
James D. Hammerlee ’52
Deborah F. Hammond ’65
Don A. Hayes ’59
Dr. John D. Heilman
Dr. William M. Hinton
Nancy Hoffman
Alyssa A. Holston
Calvin F. Holston ’05
Linda (Eagan ’73) Hook
Robert H. Hook
Donald K. Hoopes ’56
Dr. Donald W. Howard Jr. ’74
Rachele (Halula ’75) Howard
Patricia (Kelly ’61) Howe
Theodore H. Howe ’61
Steven R. Hykes ’99
Arlene M. Jackson
Robert D. Jackson Jr. ’60
I. Jane Janicki
Dr. Robert S. Janicki ’56
Carolyn (Farynowski ’74) Johnson
John G. Johnson ’49
Karen L. Johnson
Peter C. Johnson ’73
Stanley M. Johnson ’60
William M. Johnson ’76
Yvonne Karr
Jill (Duffey ’79) Kearney
John L. Kelly III ’69
Lee Kessler ’68
Karen R. Kidder
William E. Kidder Jr. ’76
Lois (McDonald ’62) Kleinkauf
Marcia J. Knutson
The Rev. Dr. Norman E. Koehler III ’56
Virginia (Schadt ’56) Koehler
A. Eugene Koenig ’69
Charlotte R. Koenig
Wanda (Link ’49) Kolodjay
Barbara (Grau ’91) Kruth
Dr. Paul D. Kruth ’91
Vera Jane (Metz ’51) Kuhn
Sandra (Stump ’70) Labbitt
Richard A. Lammert ’71
Tracy (Smith ’85) Lantz
Dr. Jeffrey B. Leach ’92
Pamela (Henderson ’91) Leach
Richard A. Leo
Ruth E. Leo
Alfred E. Lopus
Kathleen (Kugel ’78) Lopus
Mary (Martin ’69) Mabbett
Corinne (Harpel ’54) Machmer
LaVonne (Rudolph ’56) MacKenzie
Jeri Manley
Richard B. Manley ’67
Lt. Col. David B. Marshall ’84
Dr. Deborah R. Marziano ’71
Dr. Jody L. Mathie ’77
Irene McCarrier
William L. McCarrier ’61
Katherine G. McCarthy-Reis
Ruth Ann (Fleming ’60) McChesney
Anne (Golden ’81) McClelland
Timothy D. McClelland ’82
Carol A. McClure ’62
Christopher A. McGee ’77
Winifred (Williams ’77) McGee
Donna J. McIntire
Paul H. McKenna ’72
Donald McLeod Jr. ’59
Dr. Joanne F. McVay
Dr. William J. McVay
Joann (Tresham ’64) Mehaffey
William J. Mehaffey ’64
L. Bruce Melgary ’73
Anthony M. Melsi
Susan V. Melsi
David S. Metzloff ’77
Robert R. Milam Jr.
David Molenaor
Dale F. Molt ’77
Judith C. Monsma
William S. Monsma ’65
The Rev. Dr. Richard A. Morledge ’54
Marlene (Otto ’59) Morrell
Sara K. Naegele
Helen Neely
Col. Suellyn (Wright ’73) Novak (Ret.)
Barbara (Graff ’67) Oliver
Joseph C. Paparone II ’91
Dr. Stacy (Hensley ’93) Paparone
Thomas B. Pearson ’72
Linda S. Pendergast
Paul F. Pendergast ’68
Dwight R. Penn ’77
Jacquelyn Penn
Alan L. Perlman
Nancy (Rea ’73) Perlman
Shirley A. Pittman ’53
Thomas C. Place ’49
C. Joanne (Young ’52) Polowy
Brian Powell ’03
Dorene Powell
David R. Rathburn ’79
Jayne J. Rathburn
Clark A. Rechkemmer ’68
Dr. Lawrence W. Reed ’75
C. Dale Reis ’67
Sally M. Richards
Judithann Riglian
Nancy (Blum ’62) Roeder
John T. Romain ’85
Kathleen (Shipley ’85) Romain
John W. Rooker ’74
Linda (Kranz ’74) Rooker
Beverlee (DeStein ’73) Roper
Esther (Canning ’45) Rucker
Debra (Anderson ’75) Rushbrook
Scott B. Rushbrook
David J. Rutherford ’71
Marian T. Sautter
Patricia A. Schlater
The Rev. Richard A. Schlater
Kent A. Schooler ’79
Eleanor (Leslie ’43) Schoulda
The Hon. Arthur J. Schwab ’68
Charles W. Scott Jr. ’51
Mary Lou (Dinger ’62) Scott
Gloria M. Shaull
Keith L. Shaull
J. Bradley Sheets ’59
Doris J. Sheffler
Pam J. Shellenberger
Wilmont N. Shellenberger ’64
Martena (Van Loan ’51) Simonson
John A. Slavcoff ’60
Doris A. Smith
Eleanor (Trevitt ’59) Smith
Janet (Marshall ’61) Smith
Robert W. Smith ’59
Thomas J. Smith ’62
William W. Smith Jr. ’69
George A. Socher ’70
Doris (McCoy ’62) Stalnaker
The Rev. Gerald E. Stalnaker ’62
Frances G. Stark
Dr. James W. Stark ’51
Colleen D. Stauning
Nancy (Byers ’54) Stedman
Walt R. Stefani ’77
Dr. Charles A. Stein III ’67
L. Rodney Stewart Jr.
Nadine Stewart
David K. Stuart ’64
Olene (Hall ’65) Stuart
Toni J. Sulkowski ’75
Gloria M. Supancik
Nancy (Patrick ’82) Sutton
Thomas J. Sutton
Allyson (Baird ’88) Sveda
John M. Sveda
Cynthia A. Swartz ’76
Richard R. Sweitzer ’66
Elizabeth (Davis ’55) Taipale
J. Michael Taipale
John W. Thatcher ’71
Ann (Pollins ’61) Thompson
Dr. Lucretia (Shotzbarger ’61) Tippit
Roger K. Towle ’68
Kay J. Van Syckle
Lee J. Van Syckle
James P. VanEerden ’85
Rachel VanEerden
Holly (Burton ’68) Vernon
Robert C. Vernoy
Harvey L. Wagner ’74
Janet A. Wagner ’63
Linda (Bauer ’75) Wagner
Jason K. Walsh ’89
Patricia L. Watso
Robert W. Wirth ’53
Don A. Wiseman
Kathryn S. Wiseman
Allan F. Woodmancy ’62
Susan L. Wormer ’83
Becky (Peterson ’78) Yanak
John M. Yanak ’79
Carol (MacGamwell ’79) Yannuzzi
Jeffrey V. Yannuzzi ’79
Robert G. Yocum ’76
Warren L. Youngblood ’78
Andrew D. Zima ’65
Sandra L. Zima
Susan (Stephens ’79) Zorn
Charlotte A. Zuschlag ’73

Share Your Legacy

Please let us know if you’ve already included a gift for Grove City College. Providing us with documentation is the best way to ensure that your gift is used in the way you intend.

The Impact of Your Giving


could sustain our mission.

A monthly gift at this level could provide critical ongoing support for our academics, student programs, and campus services.


could endow a named scholarship.

With a gift of this size, you could honor a loved one, create a family legacy, or encourage students pursuing a particular major while making an impact on students for generations to come.


could support campus development.

For example, a gift of this size could help to transform the Rockwell Hall of Science, dedicated in 1931, into a 21st century hub for technology and innovation.

*Please note that these examples are for illustration purposes only and actual gift amounts may differ. Please contact our team to see the impact you can make possible.

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